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 The Worlds Most Advanced Traffic Exchange Software
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Social Framework Module Builder


Reason #21 Why Cheap TE Scripts are Now Dead.

They ALL Have a Cheap Cookie Cutter Design

No Matter How Much You Pay a Web Designer, They All
Still Look Exactly the Same with a Few Different Images.

TES 2.1 Allows You to Design Any Layout
You Want for a Unique Site with Features a
Script Owner Can Only Dream About !

Total Drama Traffic

New Social Framework
Social Framework Module Builder

Add this Module to Any
TES 2.1 Site for Only $300.00
and Build all the Integrated
Social Mods You Want to.

What Can You Offer Your Members with TES 2.1 Social Framework Module Builder ? Whatever Your Imagination Can Dream Up !

Reason #39 Why Cheap TE Scripts are Now Dead.

They ALL Require a Coder for New Modules

With Social Framework Module Builder, Build All the
Integrated, Socially Branded Modules You Want Free.

Social Branding - Splash Page Builders
Custom Downline Builders - Lead Capture
and More Offered to your Members by you.

TDT Social Branding
Built with TES 2.1 Social Framework


The Traffic Exchange Software Script is a Popular Promotion Method for Online Marketers and Affiliates to Bring Promotion to their
Offers and Advertise their Websites. Tens of Thousands of People Use Our Software Every Single Day.

Our Traffic Exchange Software allows you to build a list of potential customers while bringing traffic to all of your own sites and referral or affiliate links while providing members a valuable service. Traffic Exchange Software TES 2.1 was developed by marketers who have used every marketing method online over the last ten years and it includes more features than any traffic exchange script on the market. We have included features that no cheap script can offer like progressive surfing offers and complete content management.

Our software Includes the payment processor gateways for Paypal, Solid Trust Pay and others, Basic Graphics, Free Install and Site Set Up so your site is ready to run as soon as you get it. We include Contests, Third Frame, Side Frame, Offers, One Time Offers, Network Hook Up and many other features FREE ! You can get Free Online Video Training here and or One on One Live Support if you need it. You can add many other modules that plug right into your site at any time to expand the services your site offers members. Site includes a Free Network Upgrade so you can trade traffic with other quality traffic exchanges for a better unique ratio for members.

We don't sell Dreams or Hype, We sell software and offer the best training and customer service, and software in the business period. No Cheap Script being sold today even comes close, TES 2.1 has more features than any traffic exchange script ever written and Searchable Instructional Videos Make it Easy to Learn how to use every aspect of your new software. You can Contact Me to get Your Real Software Site Running Today

What Else Can You Build with Social Framework Module Builder ? A Site Social Connect Bar Your Members Can Add to Their Sites !

Reason #45 Why Cheap TE Scripts are Now Dead.

They Are Closed Systems with No Networks

TES 2.1 Offers a Free One Year Upgrade on the Network
of Your Choice with the Purchase of a TES 2.1 System.

A $250.00 Value
Network with 51 Manual Traffic Exchanges
Network with 30 Auto Exchanges
Hybrid Sites Get a Dual Upgrade
MTEN Network
NWT Auto Traffic Network
New Social Framework
Automatic Surf Contest Module

Add Multiple Daily, Weekly,
 and Monthly Surf Contests
that Award Prizes & Notify
Winners Automatically
*** Requires TES 2.1 Software

A Huge Bonus  to Help You Grow Your New Site for an Entire Year and Beyond -  Blast Ads for Your Site Out to Our Large Network !

Reason #64 Why Cheap TE Scripts are Now Dead.

No Major Network Ad System for Customers

With Direct-Traffic Customers Get a Free One Year
Upgrade to Blast Your Ads to Our Entire network..

Show Ads for Your New Site to Thousands
of Active Members Daily through Direct-
Traffic and Give Your New Site a Big Boost.

Direct-Traffic Bonus !
New Site Now Open !
With a Combined 25 Years of Experience, the TES 2.1 Staff is Here to Help Our Customers Learn to Earn !

Ronda Hillman Ronda Hillman - Founder TES 2.1 Software - NWT Websites Owner - Site Installer - Technical Contact for Admin Support

Ronda has been operating online advertising sites for 10 years and working with the development team of TES 2.1 since the start. Ronda personally installs every TES 2.1 Site so she knows everything is working for the design and site setup people to make you the best site possible, ready to run with all the extras. Ronda is also an expert at using the TES 2.1 Software to run honest, transparent traffic exchanges and develops modules for the framework system

Don White Jr Don White Jr - TES 2.1 Admin - Founding Partner  / Co Owner of NWT Websites - Site Admin - Customer Support

Don is an old hand at online marketing and has been the driving force behind keeping the sites and the network the cleanest in the business. Like Ronda, Don is also a site owner and user so he knows how every aspect of the software works from both sides. Don plays in the framework and manages the day to day operations of 16 sites including the two networks. He operates the largest URL blacklist in the world to keep our networks functioning at top notch standards.

Bucky Bunny - Content Management Specialist - Web Design - Graphic Design - Framework Module Design

Bucky has been around since the start of TES 2.1 and NWT Websites runs the very first commercial site launched on the software in 2005. He is an avid TE webmaster and I dare say there is not one person on this planet that knows this software better from both the user side and the admin side. If you see a site design and say WOW !, you can bet that Bucky designed every bit of the site from the site layout, css, images and operation and all the framework modules you see and any social or affiliate integration, Bucky had a hand it making it happen.
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